Review: Thermos Grill 2 Go!


Thermos has been making state of the art consumer appliances since 1904. If you're looking to buy a gas grill to bring to the beach or to a tailgate party, the Thermos Grill 2 Go is a great choice.


Thermos Grill 2 Go is portable, and easy enough to take with you. That said this popular portable model is not the ultimate lightweight grill charmer. You will not be able to hike in with it 40 miles.

But set up is easy. For quality, the Thermos grill distributes even heating and has a handy griddle for making pancakes.

Where to Buy

Thermos Grill 2 Go

Portable gas grill for people who like a speedy setup
and a versatile cooking surface.

Priced from: $189

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Something different

You may like it, hate it or be indifferent! The Thermos 2 Go Grill is different than many other portable grills, namely the Weber Q. Thermos uses a heated plate with raised ridges for cooking instead of a grate. This means that there is no direct flame for the true grill flavoring.

On the like side of it, you've got a grill that evenly heats, looks stylish, and can even cook up pancakes and eggs if car camping.

Also, the Thermos grill has: 2 insertable side tables which gets stored inside the grill between uses, and handy storage notches for spatula, tongs, and cleaning comb.

Other features of the Thermos Grill 2 Go include:

  • Breaks down into 2 pieces for easy handling and quick set up
  • Steam clean the grill with water, 10 minutes later the grill is ready to pack up before you go to the big game
  • 310-square-inch Dupont Teflon nonstick cooking surface
  • The 60 percent grate, 40 percent griddle is designed to draw grease away for healthy cooking
  • The grill comes with carrying handle with locking latch allowing for easy transport
  • Made with durable and rust-resistant aluminized steel body

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