Stainless Steel Outdoor Fireplace - For Modern Decor!

When you think of stainless steel you think easy to clean, hip and modern. So do appliance manufacturers who continue to use this popular material for kitchen and outdoor décor. In the backyard you can enjoy the glow of a stainless steel outdoor fireplace built-in by Lennox. Or satisfy your budget with a stainless steel chiminea or fire pit.

Outdoor decor

New to their collection is the Sheridan Steel Chiminea for around $500, that is sleek and modern. The advantage to steel is that it won't rust. This particular fireplace is made with high grade stainless steel and has a full surrround fire for complete viewing. Another attractive choice at nearly half the price is the MacArthur fire pit, also sold by this merchant.

And if you like stainless, other fully clad stainless steel exterior appliances include gas bbq grills and patio heaters. Though more pricey than cast aluminum and other materials. Many consumers enjoy the modern look and are willing to pay extra.


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