Outdoor Gas Fireplace - Instant fire any time of the year!

Outdoor gas fireplace - The beauty to owning a gas hearth is that with the quick push of a button you will have a beautiful, efficient campfire that is clean and provides plenty of warmth (sufficient BTU) to keep you and friends toasty warm out-of-doors. For the enjoyment of a natural gas fire, patios and decks can be plumbed with a gas line that hooks directly to your outdoor fireplace: in new home construction, homes may come with outdoor gas hookups. If you don't have one but want a gas fireplace, try propane. Both options offer quick and clean, efficient outdoor heating and radiant heat.

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Prices range from: $450 - 2000

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The outdoor gas fireplaces featured above are state of the art. Components include: realistic logs and embers, gas inserts, safety shut off valves and tempered glass housing. These unique units will burn either propane or natural gas. Also, we have included two natural corn based ethanol fuel fireplaces. These provide eco-friendly burning options and are good sources of outdoor heating.

The benefits to buying

  • Vents through the decorative front grill eliminate the need for a chimney
  • Smoke free, no messy ashes
  • Highly efficient
  • Push button convenience
  • Mess free consistent heat
  • Low maintenance
  • Clean heating
  • Great patio heaters

Out-of door hearths will enhance the décor to a patio whether in use or not! Cornerstone and Solarium, come in a variety of attractive finishes and look like fine furniture. These units offer you a stylish clean heating alternative to wood burning options and don't have a high operating cost. Prices range from $575 to $1000. For a more affordable gas fueled hearth, take a look at gas fire pit models!

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