Outdoor Fire Pits - What's Available

Outdoor fire pit - Serving as a barbaque and heater, outdoor fire pits are well worth the money for entertaining outdoors! Why? Because they provide a safe way to contain a blazing fire and they can also raise the ambient temperature 10 to 20 degrees: A great choice for radiating heat and warmth.

If you are looking to buy a fire pit there are several types available to buy. Take a look below and review your options. Prices range from about $140 and upwards depending upon factors such as size, brand, material and whether you're buying a wood or a gas one.

If you buy a wood burning fire pit, you get to enjoy the smells and sound of a crackling fire and enjoy the campfire experience. Also, many are lightweight and very portable. If you buy a gas pit, the nice thing is that you can create an instant fire without mess or need for wood. It is also a safer choice if you have any fire hazard issues and if you live in an urban area where "spare the air days" means a ban on wood burning. With a gas fire pit you'd be good to go.

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Priced from: $98.00

Wood Fire Pit - Bowl Size Matters:

Keep in mind that pit bowl sizes 20" or less using wood as a fuel source may require smaller sized logs. If convenience and affordability is a consideration, choose a fire pit bowl that can accommodate the typical 18" to 22" standard log sizes.

Popular Fire Pit Brands:

See Fire Pit Review: Learn more about Brands

Landmann fire pits
- Hand crafted in the USA with distinctive patterns and beautiful rustic patina finishes. Each piece features a unique cut out designs made from steel.

California fire pits - Perhaps the earliest one on the market These hand-crafted fireplaces features a hammered copper bowl, an iron grill grate and a wrought iron stand. Offers the function of a BBQ with the experience of an open fire.

Arctic - Top quality, rustproof and weather-resistant, these portable pits are unsurpassed for their durability and handsome designs. Simple to clean & easy to extinguish, Arctic models are wood or gas burning.

Califiornia campfire - Choose from redwood and teak. Bring back the magical times, warmth and enjoyment of a campfire whenever you want in your backyard or patio. The unique, patented design continually vents hot air out of the top and draws cool air in at the bottom. This system keeps the wood surfaces including wooden frame cool to the touch. It can be used without a fireproof pad on decks.

Whalen fire pits - This 60 year old American company makes solid portable pits with wheels.

Types of Fire Pits:

Stainless steel pit - A nice touch for modern decor!

Fire pit table - First seen at resorts and now available to buy. These unique fire pits offer a functional table that surrounds the fire pit, could be a bowl, could be rectangular. When not in use many of these firepits come with accessory tables that transform the firepit into a tabletop. Typical cost is $150 to $500. Great choice. Find out what's available!

Copper pits - One of the most decorative fire pits on the market! Also, take a look at versatile fire bowl models that can be used as a beverage coolers during warmer months. See our recommendations!

Gas pits - Enjoy an instant campfire; no smoke, ash, flying embers or clean-up. Find out which ones to buy.

Fire pit waterfall - Cal Flame makes them ready for you to assemble.

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