Outdoor Fire Pit Review

There are many quality made fire pits being sold on the market today giving you a lot of choice! For the best selection and price, the Internet is the best shopping source. You will not find a wide selection of outdoor fireplace brands at a patio, barbeque, or home center store.

The fire pits reviewed below are popular fire accessories. Most, if not all, are useful for raising the ambient outdoor temperature and radiating fire heat with enough BTU's to keep you warm later and earlier in the season.

Besides enjoying the campfire with friends and family, grilling outdoors is another popular summer pleasure. You will find that several of the outdoor pit models reviewed can also be used for cooking and several models are portable and can be brought to the beach, camping or tail gate parties.

Keep in mind that if you buy a firepit with the bowl sized at 20 inches or less, using wood as a fuel source will require smaller sized logs than ones standardly sold. If convenience and affordability is a factor, choose a fire pit bowl that can accommodate the typical 18" to 22" sized standard log.


(The Cutout Designs Always a Bestseller!)

Prices From: $95
Free Shipping Available


what's available: Unique cut-out designs including: Horse, Evening sky, Kokopeli, Bear and Pine. Also the ball of fire outdoor fireplace. They look like Sojoe fire pits.

about: These hand crafted fire pits are designed from durable rolled carbon steel and have a beautiful rustic patina finish. The cut out patterns add character & ventilation.

details: Thick 16 gauge Metal
Made In the USA - Assembly NOT Required

(A Favorite - Moose, Horse, Evening Sky Firepit Rings)

Prices From: $149.99
Free Shipping Available


what's available: Moose, horse and evening sky campfire ring, 100% copper fire pits, round and square cast iron, cast iron with copper finish, cast iron with brick finish, 100% copper moon and stars firebowl, black iron moon and stars, mosaic rim firebowl and mesh fire bench.

price range: $145 to $350.
Campfire rings $45 to $60.
100% Copper fire pit - $340 to $370.
Copper finish - $157.

about: This company is based in Illinois and makes a number of garden decor products. Fire pit products include cast iron and copper and come in many different decorative styles.

(This Pit gets Great Reviews and is Considered an "Incredible Value!")

Priced From: $164
Free Shipping Available


what's available: Most popular is the "34 inch slate and marble firepit with copper accents" for about $164.



what's available: Monterey, Tahoe, and Sequoia Super Grill and Rotisserie set

about: When the pioneers of the firepit, Jim Shelburne and Penn Cummings decided that an outdoor campfire was needed for Jim's home in the Sierra Nevada mountains in California, it was 1972, The California fire pit was founded. This is one of the first fire pits to hit the market and today, the company has a strong following.

details: This hand-crafted Fire pit features a hammered copper pit bowl with iron grill grate and four leg wrought iron stand. The California Fire pit offers the function of a BBQ with the experience only an open fire can provide.



what's available: Better known for their chimeneas, Arctic Products does manufacture a few portable fire pits (with tires). Most popular though is the wood burning, Lil Bon Fire in Black, (20 inch by 38 inches) for around $130. They make a gas one too.

about: Quality, rustproof and weather-resistant, Arctic pits are unsurpassed for their durability and handsome designs. You can choose either wood or gas burning. Gas models are designed to run on propane and they come with high temperature ceramic logs & embers. These pits are very affordable and include innovative design for long term use.

details: Easily extinguish fires
Wooden handles allows easy loading
Innovative slow burn design
Burns wood or pressed wood logs
Wheels & handle make it easy to move & clean
A screen and top are easily removed for storage
Patented three leg 1 1/4" steel tubing
Patented one door design for easier loading

(Safe and Portable!)

Priced From: $139.99
Free Shipping Available


what's available: 1) a 20 inch firepit with 18 inch screen in black or forest green.
2) Most popular is the 28 x 45 inches in size

about: Whalen is a 60-year old company based in Illinois that offers innovative design and manufactures environmentally friendly products. Whalen's American-made portable fireplaces include: sturdy steel construction and are designed with a complete flame containment screen for safe enjoyment.

details: Easy to transport
Can be used for cooking by buying Whalen's 1/2 grill kit
which comes in 3 sizes and 2 colors
2 built-in 7" wheels and a tripod leg for transportation

Fire Pit Types:

Copper Fire Pits

These fire pits are very popular and decorative! To shop for the best look for pits that are made from 100% pure copper.

Buying one that is made from a copper blend can result in burning through or cracking the bowl which will lead to unnecessary replacement.

Accessories such as lid and spark screen may be an additional expense depending upon which one you buy, but they are important for safety, and to keep the ash from blowing around.

Sizes range, but the most common diameter bowl sizes are: 7", 24" 30" 36".

Decorative propane ones are also available.

Gas fire pits

If you are looking to build a cozy campfire that burns clean and is safe, a gas fire pit is an excellent choice. With the click of a button you can ignite the fire and control the flame.

Types include: natural gas or propane, but most people tend to go with propane because it allows for portability.

If you choose to go the natural gas route, you may need to hire a contractor and add a gas line outdoors (may require a building permit).

Either way, the benefit to a gas over a wood burning pit fire is that with gas there is no smoke, no ash, no clean-up and fires are instant! Tend to be a bit more expensive though.

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