Mexican Chiminea - Warm Outdoor Dining By the Fire

Mexican chiminea - To warm when dining outside Mexican chimineas come in very handy. Authentic Mexican chimineas can be made of just about any weather proof material, but for the old school version, clay is the choice.

If you are looking to buy an authentic Mexican chimenea, take a look online at companies that import Mexican furnishings and garden accessories. Unfortunately, this is not easy to do, and since todays chimineas, especially the cast aluminum and cast iron ones, resemble traditional Mexican chimineas anyway, you're better off buying a nice representation.

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While the chimenea originated as a bread baking oven in Mexico, today's chimineas are used largely for making outdoor fires and for cooking. Because the Mexican style chiminea caught on - these fireplaces are now popular sources of outdoor heating and grilling. They also add to the ambience and outdoor decor.

Other outdoor fireplaces, besides the Mexican style chiminea are fire pits and fireplaces. For warmth, traditional patio heaters are popular choices. But, for the enjoyment of a backyard fire as well as the functionality of providing outdoor heating, the chiminea from Mexico is an excellent choice.

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