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Outdoor fireplaces - Without building an outdoor fireplace yourself and spending a lot of money you can opt for a more affordable solution: buying a manufactured fire pit, chiminea or fireplace. These outdoor fireplaces are easy to install and assemble, and there are many styles and types from which to choose.

About Selection: You can buy a fire pit structure made from cast iron, aluminum, steel or copper. These pits are manufactured to burn natural gas, propane or gel, and wooden logs. Another choice, the chiminea, is made from materials which include cast aluminum, iron and copper. Traditional clay chimneas dates back to 17th century Mexico where they were used as ovens to bake bread and to make fires. These are not so easy to find today and the other choices mentioned are excellent alternatives. For usability, both types (chimeneas and fire pits) provide a strong source of outdoor heating and btu.

Do-it-yourselfer? Looking to build your own firepit?

We have included the most popular backyard and patio open fireplaces available.

We have also included information about grills (charcoal and gas) and patio heaters.

If you are shopping and looking to buy online, take a look at our product reviews and recommendations. To find out which out-of-door fireplace is right for you, take a look below.


outdoor gas fireplace ~ very popular; selection includes natural gas and propane fueled fireplaces.

outdoor firepit ~ many styles and brands to choose from. Can provide warmth and serve as a barbaque.

copper firepit ~ for a decorative focal point on the patio!

gas firepits ~ burns clean and safe; with the ease of a simple button you can ignite instant flames.

chiminea ~ great for heating and cooking.

cast iron chimenea ~ a great fireplace for a permanent spot in the backyard, Another nice choice is a cast aluminum chiminea.

gas grills ~ buy portable or built-in for easy grilling. Or try the classic charcoal grill.

patio heaters ~ extend your season of backyard enjoyment! Brands include: Endless Summer, Whalen, Arctic, and Dayva.

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