Copper Fire Pit - If Looks Could Kill!

Copper fire pit
- If you are looking to buy a quality made, copper firepit to heat up the backyard or pool area this season keep in mind that not all copper fire pits are of the same caliber.

Like the wise adage, "you get what you pay for," with an outdoor pit, you don't want to find out six months after purchase that the heat from the coal or wood has burned through and cracked the bottom because you bought an inferior fireplace made from a blend.

The best to buy for long term use and safety, should be crafted from 100% pure copper: strong so that the flames don't burn through. (Take a look at our recommedations).

Great Firepit Choices Available on Amazon

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Price: $149 - 369

Thick Grade Copper Fire Pits - Propane and Wood Burning:

For a great selection we recommend the FirePits.com. They have a stylish collection of pits imported from Turkey. Fire pits are made from the thickest-grade-copper on the market. (info above) Also, free shipping available.

Copper Gas Fire Pit:

If you are looking for a gas fire pit take a loook at the 30" Del Rio gas copper fire pit by Camp Chef at Amazon. This pit receives excellent Reviews and costs: $333

Care Instructions Include Fire Pit Covers:

If you like the verdigris patina look of copper, you can let your firepit weather naturally without doing much except covering it during the off season for protection. Generally speaking, it will take about 1-year before a fire pit begins to loose its shine and start to patina. If you want to maintain the shine, buy a copper polish.

Fire Pit Covers

Price: $14 - 58


  • Portable - most are lightweight and can be easily moved around and transported. (make sure you have a lid)
  • Cooking and grilling options - use with your favorite wood or coals
  • Decorative - can be used to enhance your outdoor decor and ambiance!
  • Outdoor heating - allows you to stay warm and spend more time outside.
  • Versatile - some can be used as a patio or poolside ice tub to keep beverages cold during warmer months.
  • Included - may come with a spark screen and lifting tool.

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