Copper Chiminea

Shiny as can be, copper chimineas continue to be a favorite. They are decorative and can be kept in their original shiny condition, or they can gracefully patina and weather, which they will do if left without attention over time. To attempt to keep the copper like new, cover or store away during the off season. Also see below about how to restore the copper luster after oxidation, which occurs naturally, when exposed to air.

What's Available:

What to buy? There is a quality concern to be aware of. Make sure that you buy from reputable merchants and if you are looking to keep your chiminea around for a while you're probably going to want to buy a 100% copper chiminea. Prices for a completely copper chiminea range from $300 and up. For a mixed copper chiminea, and you may spend under $200 generally, depending upon details and design.

Brands include: Deckmate, Coleman, Unique Arts and Uniflame.

One of the reasons to choose a 100% copper chiminea is because often those mixed with inferior metals don't last and what tends to happen is a hole burns through the center of the base and this can create a fire hazard. Be sure to read reviews and know what you're getting before buying.

Chiminea Care:

To keep your copper chiminea protected from the weather you should buy a cover. Chiminea covers are available in a number of sizes.


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