Clay Chiminea - How to Cure your Chiminea!

Clay chiminea - Are clay chimineas all that they're cracked up to be, no pun intended. Do you ever wonder what the difference is between the chiminea materials: cast aluminum, cast iron and clay?

If you've compared chiminea materials and found clay to be your favorite material, good for you. Afterall, the original Mexican chimineas luxuriated in clay. But the truth: clay can crack and so what we suggest are ways to cure the clay so that your chiminea lasts a long time and you can get back to enjoying what these outdoor fireplaces do so well: enhance the ambiance outdoors, provide heating if needed and a cooking grill if anyone's hungry.

Steps to Cure your Clay Chimenea Fireplace:

  • First fire: build a paper only fire by adding small balls of paper, one at a time, until the sides of the chiminea get lightly warmed. Once this is done allow the fire to burn out and the chiminea to completely cool.
  • Next fire: build a small fire using wood. Let the fire go out naturally and allow the chimnea to completely cool.
  • Next 3 fires: build a small wood fire, each time building a slightly larger fire by adding more wood. Allow the chiminea to completely cool.

Note: after a total of 5 fires your chimenea should be cured! If you buy one, make sure to protect it durning the winter months with a cover.

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