Chiminea - Keep Smoke From Blowing in Your Eyes

Chiminea - Chimineas date back to 17th century Mexico, where they were used as ovens to bake bread and to make fires. Today most chimneas are used primarily for outdoor heating and for grilling. To grill you generally lift the chiminea's neck off and pop on the included steel grill. This becomes a convenient cooking surface. Known for being well designed, chimeneas provide fire-safety from sparks and blowing embers as well as keeping people comfortable from the sting of smoky fires.

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cast aluminum
cast iron

Protect in winter with a cover!

Chimenea Design:

The chimenea is as close a design to an indoor fireplace as any outdoor heating fireplace. It is designed with two distinct features which includes a single opening (mouth) and a chimney, where air is brought through the mouth and transported up through the chimney.

Care Instructions:

The main consideration is material:

Aluminum is weather resistant and will not rust.

For cast aluminum using a high temperature paint when needed will bring back the nice green, bronze or whatever the original paint finish. Otherwise, there is very little maintenance and care for cast aluminum.

With a cast iron chimenea, rust is a problem and occasional painting with high temperature stove paint will halt the process. Otherwise, quality designed cast iron chimeneas are heavy duty and will withstand a lot of abuse.

With copper chimeneas, watch for rust on the cast iron stands. The natural rust and patina of copper can be restored to its original shine, or left to weather naturally.

To protect from fire and heat and to keep from staining your deck or patio surface, buy a non-combustible hearth pad.

Also, protect from the weather with a chiminea cover.

What is Available:

Outdoor chimeneas serve as popular backyard/patio accessories. Below are several types of materials available. You can buy a wood burning hearth or have the unit converted to include a gas insert (propane or natural gas). If you are looking to buy a propane chimnea, there are several nice choices around. Useful accessories include: hearth pad, poker, steel grill, cover, firewood rack, pinion or regular firewood logs.

  • Cast aluminum chimenea
    If you're shopping for the best chimenea, cast aluminum cannot be beat! aluminum is a weatherproof material that won't rust. Also, it is very durable for safety.

  • Cast iron chimenea
    Makes a beautiful focal point and is great when set-out by the pool. With many different styles (grape style, round, leaf) you should have no problem finding one that you like. Check out Rooster chimineas (aka: Blue Rooster).

  • Copper chimenea
    Nothing shines like new copper. A favorite!

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