Chiminea Cover - Protection for a Longer Life

To keep your chiminea protected from the weather you should buy a cover. Chiminea covers are available in a number of sizes including small, medium and large.

The Blue Rooster company, known for making cast iron chimineas, sells several protective covers and if you find that you need a large, extra large, or oversized cover they do make them.

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Prices range: $19.99 - 45.99

As an example, their large chiminea cover is good for a chiminea with 60" circumference and 54" tall. The oversized one is good for one that is up to 80" circumference and 54" tall. A small to medium cover that measures 42" in height would probably satisfy coverage of a typical chimnea that is 42 inches high or less.

Circumference is another question, and not all covers tell you up to what circumference the cover will fit.

Cover Material:

Look for one that is UV resistant (most are) otherwise the life expectancy isn't great, as the cover will likely start to crack. Also shop for a material that is durable like vinyl or a pvc material. Many come with a drawstring at the bottom for a snug fit and to stay in place. If the sizing is off a little, you can always figure a way to fit it.

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