Cast Aluminum Chiminea - The Best Money Can Buy!

Cast aluminum chiminea
- If you're shopping for the best outdoor chiminea, cast aluminum cannot be beat! The material, aluminum, which gets casted is weatherproof and also very durable. Also, should you wish to move your chimenea, you will find it to be quite portable. Recommended brand: Blue Rooster.

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Gas or Wood

Priced from: $149.95

Buying - What is Right For You?

Consider the primary features you will need to consider before purchasing: size, style, materials, and care. First, do you like the overall design and style? (Think long term investment) Next, consider the size. If you buy a small chimenea you may be stuck forever chopping wood into small pieces to fit within. It is much easier, and less expensive in the long run, to buy a medium or large one, as these usually fit standard size logs. As for materials and maintenance, cast aluminum is rustproof and requires very little care; you may need, however, to occasionally touch up the painted finish with high temperature paint.

About Chimineas:

  • Traditional aluminum style chimineas feature a fireplace design that consists of one opening and a chimney. This design, while being decorative, also functions to allow air to move efficiently from the opening and up through the chimney. This is practical in situations where gusty winds, uncomfortable smoke and dangerous flying embers could pose safety concerns.
  • Where to buy? You can visit a fireplace retailer, barbeque store or buy online.
  • You will find that cast aluminum and cast iron models are the most popular chimeneas sold.
  • Similar looking in many ways, and often cast from the same molds cast aluminum is much lighter includes a long lifespan and is low maintenance.
  • To protect your chimenea during winter, buy a cover. In addition a hearth pad will protect your deck from stains and heat if placed beneath.
  • Note: These fireplaces conduct a great amount of heat. Young children should not be left unsupervised when in use!

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