Brinkmann Gas Grills - Find out which ones to buy!

At a price that doesn't get much better Brinkmann Gas Grills offer consumers a chance to buy: a medium size gas grill that can cook 24 burgers, an all-in one grill that smokes, grills, is a cooker and fryer, and has a gas kettle grill with side burner. Of the selection, Consumers Report Magazine scores and reviews the medium Brinkmann gas grill with high ratings. This bbq is extremely affordable and offers "very good" cooking performance.

Review - What does Consumer Reports Say?

If you value consumer journal information, than this may be of interest to you. According to Consumer Reports magazine, the Brinkman Pro Series 2200 and the Pro Series 810-4345 are very good gas barbeques.

These grills when tested performed very well in three important cooking areas:

(1) eveness
(2) grilling
(3) convenience.

To choose? If you want a side burner to go along with your grill, buy the the Pro Series 810-4345: the side grill enables you to use the full cooking area and grill separately. This model also comes with premium grates which are important for grilling and searing meats and fish. The Brinkmann Pro Series 2200 comes with long warranty burners, (10 years) premium grates and an electronic igniter.


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