Zubri Patio Heater - Portable Heater Favored by Event Planners!

If you're an event planner or a rental company that needs to set up outdoor heaters for weddings and events, take a look at the Zubri Patio Heater. This nice unit is really no different than other quality commercial heaters. However, for portability it is the master.

How it works

There are two sizes to choose from: Zubri Max with a heating range of 18 to 20 feet, emitting 40,000BTU/Hr; or the Zubri Jr with a heating range of 16 to 18 feet, emitting 24,000BTU/Hr. Both commercial heaters are constructed of black weather treated steel.

About portability

For your convenience, the Zubri heater is designed to be assembled by snapping together; it requires no tools and assembly is quick. Once assembled, the heater can be set in its' location where the heat can be fully controlled with an adjustable knob. A 20 pound propane tank is required, and this can be purchased separately.

When the event is over and it's time to clean and pack up, the lightweight 49 pound Zubri is just as easily disassembled. You can buy a hardside carrying case for either the Zubri Max or Jr for an additional $100. This makes it extremely easy to carry the heater from one location to the next.

Zubri Outdoor Portable Patio Pedestal Heaters


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