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- outdoor fireplaces - an overview of the styles, brands, and materials of the different types of outdoor fireplaces, patio heaters and chimineas available online.

- outdoor gas fireplace -getting more and more popular, natural gas and propane gas outdoor fireplaces offer a stylish, clean heating, low maintenance alternative to wood and charcoal burning options.

- patio heaters - Choose stylish table top heaters or residential commercial heaters from well known brands like: Blue Rhino, Whalen, Arctic, Dayva and Hammerstone.

- outdoor fire pits - serving as an outdoor grill, fireplace, as well as an outdoor heater.

- copper fire pit - the best copper made fire pits to buy for long term use and safety are those pits crafted from 100% pure copper.

- gas fire pits - if you are looking to build a cozy campfire that burns clean and is safe for the family without the worry of flying embers, a gas fire pit fireplace is an excellent choice

- chiminea - chimeneas date back to 17th century Mexico, where they were used as ovens to bake bread and as outdoor wood burning fireplaces. Today most outdoor chiminea fireplaces are used primarily for 2-reasons, outdoor heating and grilling.

- cast aluminum chiminea - if you're shopping for the best outdoor chiminea, cast aluminum cannot be beat!

- cast iron chiminea - if you're looking to buy a chimenea fireplace that will reside in a permanent location, cast iron is a terrific choice.

- outdoor gas grills - for the love of barbequing with convenience and ease, a gas barbeque is the best choice.


Find articles and reviews on outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, chimineas and patio heaters.

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