Residential Patio Heaters - Heating choices to keep you warm outside!

Residential patio heaters - A quality residential patio heater in most respects is very similar to a commercial heater: the ones that you see on restaurant patios. Basically when you think of a home patio heater you're thinking of the tall stand up models that radiate heat in a nice circumference of warmth. These outdoor heaters warm the patio by radiating heat in a 5 to 10 foot circumference, raising the ambient temperature 10 to 20 degrees.

Portable propane heaters

With a convenient temperature control knob, you can adjust the heat output. Fueled typically by propane gas and natural gas, the backyard heating unit will shut off automatically if the heater is tilted. This is an important safety feature.

If you are in the market shopping for quality residential outdoor heating take a look at brands: Arctic, Endless Summer, and Dayva. Arctic and Dayva make stylish patio heaters: choices such as steel and cast aluminum go great with nice garden and outdoor accessories. Endless Summe, on the other hand, makes very affordable and practical backyard heat models.

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