Propane patio heaters - Affordable heating options for you

Propane patio heaters - If you're shopping for a quality propane patio heater, not one with decorative bells and whistles that will cost more money - just a practical and safe backyard gas heater, take a look at Endless Summer heaters manufuactured by Blue Rhino.

Best performance portable propane heater

A commercial residential Endless Summer propane model will warm your patio 18 to 25 feet and raise the temperature 10 to 25 degrees - with heat you can control. As far as safety, the heating unit features a "safety tilt switch" which will automatically shut the unit off it were to lean more than 18 degrees.

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The propane tank will operate continually for 10 hours from a common 20 pound tank. For large areas, multiple backyard heaters are a good idea. You will find that for the performance, durability, weather resistance and attractive design, not many brands compete. To buy a warranted backyard heater at a discount price, we recommend shopping at Yardiac. Their low price guarantee assures you of the best price for your outdoor patio heater. Click here for Endless Summer's outdoor patio heater.

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