Propane gas heaters - Feel comforable outdoors

Propane gas heaters - When the temperature drops and you start to think about going indoors, change your mind and flip on the power to your propane gas heater. Designed to raise the ambient temperature 10 to 20 degrees for a typical commercial patio heater, gas heaters will keep you warm outside longer.

There are several propane gas heating models available: designs include small space heater types and tall standing residential /commercial patio heaters. Both heating styles typically use radiant heat, making them efficient at warming the area close to the heater. A residential/ commercial gas heater can warm a circumference 10 to 15 feet depending on the model.

Another choice is the table top heater, a great heat choice when enjoying a meal at the patio table. These gas models are smaller than traditional residential commercial heaters and don't radiate heat as far. But, for the job of keeping those warm at the table, table tops are excellent.

How to choose:

Take a look online or at a local home improvement center. Reputable propane brands: Endless Summer, Arctic and Dayva can be bought online and prices are competitive. Look for low price guarantees for the best deals.

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