Portable Gas Grills Report 2010


A spotty performing portable gas grill can leave you with a disappointing dinner; a heavy weight portable grill can leave you with a backache, so how to choose?

If you are one of the many Americans looking to buy a small portable grill, consider buying one that will barbeque to your satisfaction. For either taking the grill on the road and having a small tailgate party; or cooking outside on a small apartment deck, a portable grill should have the following features:

  • Enough cooking space
  • Good grilling performance

Where to Spend your Money?

Unfortunately, a lot of the portable grills, especially the smallest ones do a poor job grilling.

Take the Weber Baby Q and BBQ Grillware; these two grills, according to a Consumer Reports did not score well in terms of performance. In fact, the Weber Baby Q scored poorly on performance. Burgers were left with hot and cold spots. Wonder why?

Well, according to CooksIllustrated.com, the small model portable grills they tested in summer 2004: Weber Gas Go Anywhere and Tool Box Gas were also a disappointment.

Sure these easy to carry models offer better portability than larger portable ones. But, reviewers found that they offered very little in the way of heat output and that the grill grates were flimsy. The result: disappointing grilling that cooked up steak with anemic searing marks and took 3-times as long to cook than on a traditional gas grill.

Best Portable Grill:

If you are looking to buy a portable bbq you'll be better off buying a slightly bigger one than those mentioned above.

Consumer Reports
gives highest ratings to the Weber Q gas grill.

This grill costs around $200 and received an "excellent score" for both evenness and grilling.

With coated cast iron grates this little grill has impressive searing.

It also provides an ample cooking surface for grilling ten burgers. The downside for some is that it weighs 35 pounds, (about 13 pounds more than some of the lighter weight gas grills mentioned above).


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