Portable fireplaces - Change the atmosphere of your room in an instant!

Portable fireplaces - Very popular in Europe these portable hearths are catching on quickly and for good reason: What kind of interior hearth can provide both heating and fireplace atmosphere at a very affordable price like a portable fireplace? None! If you're looking for a way to create a romantic atmosphere in your bedroom sans fireplace, bring in the portable hearth. If you want to improve the décor of living or dining room in your home, bring in the moveable fireplace.

A moveable fireplace will improve your home decor and atmosphere

Geared up with mantels, carved columns, graceful arches or adjustable shelves, moveable fireplaces look just like the real thing. Unlike typical fireplaces, transportable hearths do not burn wood or gas. Instead flames are safely created using clean burning, odorless, non-toxic alcohol gel that is environmentally friendly.

As far as portability is concerned moveable fireplaces weigh approximately 150 pounds which makes them lightweight enough for two people to carry the unit to different home or office locations.

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