Portable Fire Pit - Great for the beach, camping or for an outdoor backyard party!

Portable fire pit - If you are looking to buy a firepit that will be sturdy enough for a terrific campfire and grilling while being lightweight enough to take with you on summer outings to the beach or vacation home, you will have no shortage of safe metal pits to choose from.

Designed predominantly with light weight materials: a pit, or bottom to contain the wood coal or briquettes, a spark screen, a bbq grate, and a stand you can pick up your portably designed fire pit and transport it where you like. Portable outdoor fire pits include popular brands such as The California Fire Pit, Arctic portable outdoor pits, Whalen Firepits, Sojoes Fire pits, portable Southwestern Fire Pits and more. Many copper firepits are designed for easy transport, and when bought with a firepit lid (sometimes sold separately) keeps things clean, and helps prevent ashes, wood and such from making a mess.

Places to enjoy the convenience and safety of an outdoor portable campfire:

  • Backyard, patio, garden, deck or pool
  • Tailgate parties
  • Beach
  • Backyard parties - entertaining outdoors
  • Vacation house or cottage
  • Camping

Portable backyard fire pits also make excellent gifts. Costing between $125 to $600 you can shop online and have them shipped. Portability is in… You will definitely make a lasting impression with a backyard fire pit.

If you are looking for a portably designed gas fire pit, Arctic makes 2 very nice models which use propane gas. These portable pits offer the convenience of an instant fire with the click of a button. In addition, these outdoor fire pits include wheels, making moving from place to place very easy.

For more information about portable outdoor fire pits please click here.


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