Patio heater covers - You'll need one this winter!

Patio heater covers - Buying a patio heater cover will help to protect your heating unit from harsh weather. Most backyard heaters are built to withstand bad weather and are made of weather resistant rustproof materials like stainless steel and aluminum. But if you're going to be keeping your patio heater outdoors much of the time, you will need to buy a cover that keeps it protected.

There are many online stores that sell covers for your backyard heater. Prices are very inexpensive and range from $20 to about $120. Covering sizes will vary based on the size of your patio heater. Generally, you should be able to buy one from the retailer who sold you your heater.

Quality heating covers:

  • Should be tear proof and UV resistant so that it will last.
  • Should include brass eyelets or tie cords for long term securing.
  • Buy a heater cover that protects the burner or the entire outdoor heater.
  • Buy the right size covering, especially if you are puchasing one designed to cover the entire unit.

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