Patio Fireplace - Buy and Enjoy Spending More Evenings Warmed by the Fire with Friends

Patio fireplace - With a growing trend towards spending more time in the backyard, patio, and outdoors in general, a range of decorative patio accessories and outdoor fireplaces are constantly emerging. Keeping warm outdoors and extending the hours and seasons spend outside enjoying, is what a wide variety of patio fireplaces can do. Acting as patio heaters, patio outdoor fireplaces can raise the ambient temperature by providing radiant heat sufficient to keep you and friends comfortable. And you won't have to compromise on style. There are decorative patio gas fireplaces that resemble beautiful fine furniture; these charming freestanding fireplace models will draw a lot of attention and be the envy of your friends. In particular, check out the Cornerstone patio gas fireplace: these are unique and popular, but very hard to find online and in the stores. Below we feature 2 or 3 other patio backyard fireplaces. We have included a mixture of wood and gas patio fireplaces this way there's something for everyone. For affordable options, take a look at the patio Arctic Pagoda outdoor fireplace.

Fireplace: Patio- The Cornerstone
Get the look and feel of a real wood fire in a virtually portable unit with only 27,000 BTU/H, without the high cost of operation and damaging effects to the environment. This state of the art achieve better results that any other outdoor fireplace on the market! The many features and benefits will make friends and family alike wonder where you got such a great outdoor fireplace

The Cornerstone Gas Patio Fireplace
  • Push button quick igniting switch
  • 27,000 BTUs

  • Fireplace: Patio - Cast Iron Pagoda
    Everybody loves to gather around fires burning in fireplaces. This design inspired by oriental temples creates an attractive center piece to any outdoor living space or patio. It also easily becomes a grill for cooking at home, at the cottage, or while camping. Attractive design opened on all 4 sides, allows a full view of the fire.


    Fireplace: Patio - Advantage
    Everybody loves to gather around fires burning in Tulip fireplaces. Provides a good time at home, at the cottage, or while camping. This patio outdoor fireplace model is manufactured to be assembled very easily with the new Easy Click system. Only a few screws and bolts are required to finish assembling. Attractive design opened on all 4 sides, allows a full view surround fire.


    Outdoor gas fireplace - The beauty to owning patio gas hearth is that with the quick push of a button you will have a beautiful, efficient campfire that is clean and provides plenty of warmth (sufficient BTU) to keep you and friends toasty warm outdoors.

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