Patio fire pits - Many brands to choose from

Patio fire pits - Patios and terraces are some of the best spots to spend time outdoors - and having a patio fire pit adds to the ambiance much like an indoor fireplace does. If you are looking to buy an outdoor fireplace, a pre-made fire pit is an excellent choice and there are many styles and brands available. If you are shopping online look for brands: Arctic, Whalen, California Fire Pit and Sojoes.

While all fire pit manufacturers have distinct features that make them appealing to homeowner and such, portability is one thing most of these pits have in common. Why does that matter? Sure it's great to have the firepit on the patio, but should you want to move it to another backyard location or take it with you to the beach, a tailgate party or a summer cabin, the hearth can go with you. For example, Arctic makes several models that include rear tires and pull handles, how's that for a portable pit?

For style and design: you can choose from various weather resistant materials or choose the extremely popular copper pit. (Patios look great with shiny copper fire pits).

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