Outdoor Wood Burning Fireplaces - Keep warm and have fun at the same time!

Outdoor wood burning fireplaces - One of the greatest satisfactions of outside entertainment is relaxing and kicking back in front of a wood burning fire. Whether you are with family or friends, a backyard campfire can turn a wonderful evening outdoors into a blissful night with the good scent of pine, oak, or cedar aroma and complemented by the sounds of crackling and popping natural wood logs. Taken a step further, a roaring outdoor wood burning fireplace can provide sufficient btu patio warmth for people to keep warm on chilly nights.

Nice choice: an Arctic brand fireplace that burns wood outdoors

Unlike fire pits, an outdoor fireplace crafted to burn wood technically speaking will include a chimney feature to channel the smoke upwards and away from those surrounding the fire. Arctic, a manufacturer of outdoor fireplaces, manufactures a series of affordable wood burning fireplaces designed for outside use. While all of Arctic's "true" fireplace models are intended for burning wooden or pressed logs, features and price vary from one fireplace to the next. A personal favorite is the 360 degree surround screen view fireplace: this wood burner will leave no fire worshiper out!

Fire safety and what features such as portable wood burning fireplaces do you require?

Before you shop around for a wood burning outdoor fireplace, check with your local city hall or firehouse to learn about all necessary codes and restrictions. If you get the green light, it's time to consider some of the outdoor fireplace designs and options available. For example, how important is portability? Do you want to place the fireplace on the patio, deck or by the pool will you be bringing the fireplace with you to your vacation home this summer? How about a barbeque grill for cooking?

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