Kiva Fireplace - Have one built inside or outside your home

Kiva fireplace- Now here's a great looking hearth for indoor or outdoor patio use. Very popular in the South West, the Kiva design is inspired by the Pueblo Indians, and somewhat resembles the pot bellied bread baking ovens of the Mexican clay chiminea fireplace. Covered in smooth masonry plaster, Kiva fireplaces can be installed within the home to create decorative focal points with custom built hearth designs such as adding niches or benches to compliment the fireplace design. Kiva's can be installed as wood burning or as gas burning fireplaces.

Fireplace choices: the kiva hearth

If you are looking for more information about kiva hearths, there are numerous companies online that specialize in this niche. If you live in Arizona, Colorado or New Mexico take a look at Southwestkiva.com: they have dealers in all three states. In addition, compare other Kiva producers: make sure you've done thorough research before choosing a particular fireplace design and company.

Some general details about the Kiva hearth:

  • Lightweight fireplaces, easy to install
  • Kiva can burn either wood or gas
  • Hearth is made with firebox, chimney and frame
  • Great outdoor fireplace

For information about chimineas and kiva, please click on the link.


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