Gas patio heaters - hassle free patio heating!

Gas patio heaters - if you're fortunate enough to have an outdoor gas line hookup, often the case in new home construction; or have added a gas line to your patio, taking advantage of a great heating source that is in constant supply from your local utility company offers you hassle free patio heating. While the main drawback to a gas patio heater is portability, this option is not necessarily a desired feature for homeowners.

If you are looking to buy a terrace or backyard heater, the internet is a great source. Brands such as Arctic, Dayva and Endless Summer include in their patio heating collection natural gas fueled models. Generally, you will find that most gas heating models offer a 12 to 15 foot circle of gentle radiant heat. These radiant heaters work by generating invisible infrared heat rays down onto the ground and surrounding objects whereby the rays travel at the speed of light until they strike an object, warming surfaces directly: this produces very efficient heating as well as being cost effective.

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