Gas fire pit review - Choices to build your own or buy

You can choose to create your own gas fire pit or buy one ready made. If you are a do-it-yourself person, take a look at accessories such as the triple gas burner kits and Peterson Camfrye logs. If you want to enjoy your gas pit, not design and build it, buy one pre-made. Our gas fire pit review is intended to demonstrate a few backyard choices available. While there are several quality brands to choose from (For example, Arctic makes a nice portable gas fire pit with wheels) our intent is to highlight fire pit features, materials, and design elements.

Make your own gas pit with:

1. Gas fire rings - for a very decorative option, consider buying a gas fire ring. Made from metal and including a single, double or triple burner system you can decorate your fire pit the way you want to. Imagine the possiblities after top dressing with lava rock, pea gravel or colored acqatic glass. Some people even make decorative fire beds using the gas ring system. These pits or beds can be surrounded by beautiful flagstone paving; the fire pit structure can be top dressed with blue cut glass. To buy, gas rings are available in the following sizes: 18" 24" 30" 36"; weight: 20 to 80 lbs; cost: $225 to $375.

2. Ceramic gas logs - you can buy the gas logs with or without embers. Peterson Campfrye 30"Western Outdoor Gas Logs are constructed from heat retaining ceramic material and include reinforced steel rods for extra durability. You can purchase a log kit online for approximately $350. Then constructa circular or square firepit around the logs using rock, concrete or brick.

Buy a gas pit

Want your patio to feel luxurious? Then consider buying a fire pit table. These pre-made structures include a firepit and a table. You can use the table which surrounds the fire to set drinks and snacks. Different sizes are available. You can choose from gas models which cost more but are like fine furniture; or choose a wood burning fire table for a rustic campfire feel.

Be ahead of the trend! A fairly new material gaining popularity is glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC). Why? It offers strength while being lightweight and weather resistant. Fireplaces such as: Evening Glow, Navajo, Summer Nights, Firestone, AutumnGlow and Village Square are made with GFRC, and the acid washed finish is designed to give you the elegance of the sculptured casting.

Fire pit waterfall - Here's another niche in outdoor decor gaining popularity. These units include a gas run fire in the foreground and a waterfall in the background.



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