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With so many wood burning fireplaces being added to our outdoor rooms and patios, there is a growing need to buy tools and fireplace accessories. These accessories, such as firewood racks and logs kept on hand, keep the fire burning smoothly. For safety, fire screens, hearth pads, and covers are necessary. And, fireplace tools such as a poker, help you to move the logs and work the flame.

For backyard enjoyment, there are a few outdoor fireplace styles. The chiminea is one, and this fireplace usually comes with, or you purchase seperately, a grill rack for grilling.

Outdoor fireplaces and firepits are two other styles. These fireplaces needs to be contained and that's where a number of accessories come to play, in particular, a fire pit cover and spark screen. Hearth pads are another accessory; these items are used to prevent fire on wood decks and surfaces. Small outdoor fireplaces and chimineas, in many situations need to be resting on one.

For freestanding wood burning fireplaces, the same tools and accessories are needed as for an indoor fireplace. If you have a gas fireplace, or plan to build your own, gas fireplace logs are a good choice.



  • spark screen
  • hearth pad
  • poker
  • steel grill
  • cover
  • firewood rack
  • pinion or regular firewood logs
  • gas fire logs


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