Fire pit designs - Ideas for the Do-it-yourselfer

Fire pit designs - There are many fire pit design alternatives to buying a ready to go firepit model that requires only simple assembly. If you are a do-it-yourselfer looking to design and build your own fire pit you don't need a fancy set of blueprints, just a vision of the type of pit you are looking to create.

For starters, are you looking to design a fireplace fueled by gas or wood logs? Is the pit meant for cooking, campfire or both?

Designing and building fire pits

Now if you're geared up to build a wood burning pit, the design can be as simple as digging a 3 X 3 pit and getting a piece of sheet metal to fit over as a cover. As primitive as this may seem, this is a nice design and makes practical sense for grilling outdoors for lots of people. You can also buy fireplace accessories such as spark screen, cover, and grill.

For a gas firepit, spend money on either gas fire logs with or without the embers or choose a simple metal fire ring: both ideas will allow you to design the housing for the fireplace and come up with your own plan.

For inspirational ideas, take a look at magazines like Sunset Magazine and look for articles about outdoor fireplaces. Also, look online for tips.

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