Custom Fire Pits - Have fun customizing your own!

Custom Fire Pits - before you begin customizing a firepit for your backyard check to make sure that local codes and ordinances permit fire pit use. Once that is cleared you will want to find just the right place to build your outdoor fire pit. First off, will you're custom fire pit be burning wood or using natural gas logs? If you are choosing to go the wood campfire pit route, you will be able to create both a backyard pit fireplace as well as bbq/grill. If you choose gas fireplace logs, you will require either a propane tank or natural gas hookup for your fire pit customization.

Customizing your outdoor pit:

There are several do-it-yourself websites that include threads where people discuss their experiences customizing outdoor fireplaces and patio pits. You can also find, websites that include material lists, tools necessary, and, a where to buy list of materials. However, generally these are geared more for outside fireplace building and less for fire pit customization.

While you may feel slightly pitted and on your own here, I just read a terrific article called, "Backyard Barbeque Pit" this article written in Motherearthnews.com describes the building of a 3foot by 3foot barbeque pit that gets used primarily for cooking outdoors. In the article the author spent a total of $3, adding a flat steel plate pit cover bought and cut at a junkyard. Other customization included excavating the firepit and storing the subsoil for future use.

Fire pit cusomization goes gas powered

Another fire pit option is to go the outdoor gas firepit route. This enables you to customize an outdoor gas backyard pit that will burn cleanly, with no smoke or ashes to contend to. For this choice pit, look to buy outdoor gas logs, costing about $350. Afterwards, choose custom material such as brick, rocks, concrete that will surround the fire and enclose the gas fireplace logs.

Another option is to buy a fire ring.

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