Chinook 150 - Arctic outdoor fireplace with a chimney

Chinook 150 - Arctic Chinook 150 is a real crowd pleaser and a nice choice for outdoor heating and entertainment. The Chinook 150 is designed with a chimney that allows for smoke to go up and away not blast you and cause stinging eyes. The Chinook 150 is designed with a 360 degree surround view of the fire which means you can enjoy the campfire no matter where you stand.

The Chinook 150 by Arctic is a well priced outdoor fireplace that is lightweight and can be easily moved or transported. The chimney feature is removable and can stored inside the fireplace when not in use. Dimensions of this outside fireplace are: 23 L x 25 W x 39 H. It weighs 39 pounds.

The Chinook 150 is made with heavy steel gauge and mesh, and assembles easily using just 4 bolts. Additional features include: spark arrestor and rain guard, painted screen and removable door for open or closed viewing.

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