California Outdoor Concepts - Find Bar Height Handmade fire pit tables!

With the popularity of spending more time outdoors and enjoying the backyard more and more decorative accessories are creeping up in the market place for us to buy. Although fire pits and outdoor fireplaces have been around for a bit, the features and decoration continue to evolve.

At California Outdoor Concepts, a company based in Southern California, the idea of creating hand crafted fire tables featuring a round fire pit in the middle of a round bar height table, is both functional and stunning. (You can purchase chairs and stools from them as well).

The 48 inch granite tables with your choice of finish: gold, pebble or sea green is a handsome piece. Although the table can serve as a firepit, additional options make way for multifunctional use:you can purchase a stainless steel barbeque grill and ice bucket and have far more than the concept of a standard outdoor dining table!

California Outdoor Concepts fire pit tables feature gas run fires with ceramic logs, lava rocks or shattered glass. The concept of using shattered glass is relatively new: a great look adding contemporary shimmer and flair. If you are interested, take a look at their fire table products: San Simeon, La Costa, Solano, Tuscany and Del Mar.

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