California Campfire Fire pit - Buy a unique Wood Burning Backyard Fire Pit Made Out of Teak or Redwood

California Campfire Fire pit - How often do we include the word portable to define a Campfire Fire pit that weighs 170 lbs? Unique in its innovative fire design, the California Campfire Firepit features two wooden wheels making it possible to move the pit easily from one location to the next. Another pleasing feature, the California Campfire Fire Pit features a patented design that keeps the California Campire fireplaces wood surface and wood frame cool to the touch: this is done, by continually venting hot air out of the top and drawing cool air in at the bottom.

California Campfire Fire Pits include:

  • stainless steel spark screen & log grate
    (some Assembly required)
  • 18"H x 40"W x 32"D.
  • Weighs 170 lbs
  • fitted vinyl weather cover
  • Benefits: innovation fire pit design
  • Benefits: portable fire pit
  • Buy online: CLICK HERE

California campfire fireplace - Not your run of the mill fire pit, these pits, which can be bought either teak or redwood, make a very cozy and distinct outdoor fireplace.

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