Build a fire pit - What does it take to design and build

Build a fire pit - What does it take these days to build fire pits for outdoor campfires and barbeque? The answer is not a lot. In terms of cost, building a wood burning fire pit is nothing more than hours of physical labor to see the fireplace complete.

Want to Build Your Own Firepit?

Buy burner set up and logs at Amazon:
Patio Campfire Outdoor Gas Fire Pit

  • Propane
  • Natural gas

Here you get the actual burner set up and logs and then surround it with whatever goes with your decor! (Bricks in photo are not included) Includes six logs. 75,000 BTU output. Uses natural gas fuel or propane. 15 3/4" in diameter and 17 1/2" high.

Getting going will entail quarrying up some fieldstones or brick to line the inside dirt walls of the pit once you've dug the hole. Not to get ahead of ourselves here, but you will need a good old shovel and some back strength to excavate soil. Position your fieldstone or brick around the holes perimeter and extend these materials above ground. The purpose of installing these materials is to keep wind down and the soil away from the fire.

You can build a stucco pit above ground and there are other creative ways of building your pit; just access your mind or look at magazines and the internet for tips and ideas.

Once you are finished building your inground outdoor fire pit, sit back and relax at the campfire.

Find more information on outdoor firepits or find a selection of readymade fire pits:

Firepit Accessories such as the Landman Firewood Log Holder or Ash Bucket are available on Amazon

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