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California Campfire Fire pit - Buy a unique Wood Burning Backyard Fire Pit Made Out of Teak or Redwood
California Campfire Fire pit - How often do we include the word portable to define a Campfire Fire pit that weighs 170 lbs?

California Fire Pit - Popular Bbq Fire Pit Great for Cooking or Relaxing by the Fire!
California fire pit - When the pioneers of the firepit, Jim Shelburne and Penn Cummings decided that an outdoor campfire was needed for Jim's home in the Sierra Nevada mountains in California, it was 1972.

Outdoor heaters - Which style and brand is right for you?
Outdoor heaters - There are many quality patio heaters around, and finding the right one depends largely on budget, style and location.

Propane patio heaters - Affordable heating options for you
Propane patio heaters - If you're shopping for a quality propane patio heater, not one with decorative bells and whistles that will cost more money.

Patio Gas Heaters - Two that will add to your outdoor décor!
Patio gas heaters - Dayva and Arctic patio gas heater models include very stylish and decorative outdoor heating units; these make attractive additions to outdoor décor.

Patio heater covers - You'll need one this winter
Patio heater covers - Buying a patio heater cover will help to protect your heating unit from harsh weather. Most backyard heaters are built to withstand bad weather and are made of weather resistant rustproof materials like stainless steel and aluminum.

Outdoor Patio Heaters - Best heating choices available
Outdoor patio heaters - We all have our preferences, and buying a patio heater to keep you warm outside is no different.

Propane Radiant Heaters - Keeping warm is important
Propane radiant heaters - Buying a propane radiant heater is an excellent way to keep people and objects warm without heating the surrounding air. In fact, radiant heat works much like natural sunshine.

Outdoor Fireplace Designs - Build the fireplace of your dreams
Outdoor fireplace designs - With such a range of custom needs an outdoor fireplace design can go off in many directions.

Gas Fireplaces - Important heating for your home
Gas fireplaces - If you're just starting out, trying to learn more about which gas fireplace option will suit your budget, home décor and heating sensibilities a fine place to start is at a local fireplace store selling hearth and heating products.

Portable fireplaces - Change the atmosphere of your room in an instant!
Portable fireplaces - Very popular in Europe these portable hearths are catching on quickly and for good reason: What kind of interior hearth can provide both heating and fireplace atmosphere at a very affordable price like a portable fireplace?

Patio fire pits - Many brands to choose from
Patio fire pits - Patios and terraces are some of the best spots to spend time outdoors - and having a patio fire pit adds to the ambiance much like an indoor fireplace does.

Residential Patio Heaters - Heating choices to keep you warm outside!
Residential patio heaters - A quality residential patio heater in most respects is very similar to a commercial heater: the ones that you see on restaurant patios.

Inground outdoor fire pits - Build one yourself and save money!
Inground outdoor fire pits - Building an inground outdoor fire pit yourself doesn't need to cost a lot of money or take a lot of time; of course it's up to you how creative and fancy the inground pit will be.

Commercial Patio Heaters - Efficient heating for outdoor use
Commercial patio heaters - the next time you think that a commercial patio heater is the same as any outdoor heating unit, think again.

Build a fire pit - What does it take to design and build
Build a fire pit - What does it take these days to build fire pits for outdoor campfires and barbeque?

Propane gas heaters - Feel comforable outdoors
Propane gas heaters - When the temperature drops and you start to think about going indoors, change your mind and flip on the power to your propane gas heater.

Outdoor electric heater - Another efficient way to keep warm outside
Outdoor electric heater - Designed for safety and efficient heating outside, outdoor electric heaters are an excellent choice for keeping warm.

Outdoor propane heater - Find the heating style that's right for you
Outdoor propane heater - By far the most popular heat source for the backyard, restaurant and spa, outdoor propane heaters offer you the opportunity to warm the air 10 to 20 degrees and stay outside longer.

Gas patio heaters - hassle free patio heating!
Gas patio heaters - if you're fortunate enough to have an outdoor gas line hookup, often the case in new home construction; or have added a gas line to your patio, taking advantage of a great heating source that is in constant supply from your local utility company offers you hassle free patio heating.


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