Arctic Patio Heater - Heating the Backyard in Style

Who doesn't want an outdoor room or patio to look like an extension of their living room? Garden accessories such as patio heaters enable homeowners to spend countless additional hours on the patio each year by heating with propane heaters designed to raise the ambient temperature 10 to 25 degrees.

The difference between other patio heating options such as Endless Summer heaters is that Arctic Products manufactures stainless steel and cast aluminum heaters that look like fine furniture.

For safety and function, Artic patio heaters are designed to perform the task of keeping friends and family warm. These heaters include assorted features such as: safety shut off, adjustable temperature control and large burner grids to heat up an 18' diameter.

Similar in many ways to other residential patio heaters, Arctic designs both propane and natural gas heaters with beautiful style that will enhance the garden décor, not detract from it.

Make the patio warmer with stainless steel propane heating units

Popular arctic propane radiant heaters are of a commercial/ residential style. One heater in particular is Arctic's stainless steel deck/patio heater. Dimensions are: 93"H x 34" diameter; weighs 100 pounds. This portable propane patio heater can be assembled in less than 1 hour and can be bought online. Additional details include: 10-hour burn time on a full cylinder of fuel; 40,000 BTU; efficient burner system; 100 percent safety shutoff; and push-button electric ignition. Buy a cover to protect.

Arctic also designs table top propane heaters that work great when placed on outdoor table. These designer warmers include tilt switch and pilot light with safety tilt shut off.

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