Arctic Patio Hearth - Includes a Charcoal Wood Burning Grill

Arctic patio hearth - Available in colors black, red and green this handy sizable outdoor fireplace features a charcoal or wood burning grill that will barbeque your favorite meats and foods. The Arctic hearth is designed to burn wood or pressed wood logs. Arctic patio hearth's dimensions are: 28" diameter and 45" tall, and the unit weighs 55 pounds. Similar to other Artic model outdoor hearths, this pit includes 2 rear wheels for easy portability.

Other features to the Arctic's hearth includes: 2-door design for easy loading of logs, charcoal, or briquettes. Comes with nickel plated fire screen and 360 degree fire surround. All parts, such as lid and bowl fit together easily for convenient storage and transport.

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The Arctic Patio Hearth includes outdoor barbeque options. To convert this fire pit to a cooking grill simply attach the cooking grate above the log grate. There are 3 adjustable levels.

Arctic patio hearth includes a 3 year limited warranty and can be purchased easily through online retailers.

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