Arctic Lil' Camper - Take it with You Camping!

Arctic Lil' Camper - When you are looking for a small sized, not teeny, but small for Arctic outdoor fireplaces, the Arctic Lil' Camper is your choice. Lightweight and portable, weighing in at 33 pounds you will have no problem bringing this versatile campfire with you to a tailgate party. Like other Arctic fireplaces, this fire pit includes both cooking grill and log grate so you can choose between a roaring wood burning fire or cooking up a delicious barbeque. Either way, the arctic lil camper will provide you with great outdoor pleasure.

About the Arctic Lil' Camper: This accessory for the outdoors is 20" in diameter and 34" tall. The diameter is large enough to stuff in normal sized wooden logs. You can also choose pressed logs if you prefer. Lil' Camper includes two rear wheels, fire screen, log grate, cooking grate and more. To extinguish the fire, simply remove the screen and place the cover or lid over top. Arctic lil' camper is designed with a porcelain enamel finish for weather and rust resistance as well as to induce slower burning. Another great feature are the 2 rear wheels for easy and convenient transport and storage.

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