Arctic Lil' Bon outdoor fireplace - Portable fire pit with wheels

Arctic Lil' Bon outdoor fireplace - With a 20" diameter and 38" tall, the 33 pound Lil' Bon fireplace can provide all of the conveniences of a portable outside fireplace without taking up a lot of room. Arctic's Lil' Bon, comes with 2 rear wheels, a pull handle, and is made with a sturdy tube design that makes this particular Arctic model nice and strong.

Additional features for the arctic lil bon backyard fireplace include: patented one door design for easy loading, 360 degree surround fire, log grate, and nickel plated fire screen.

Arctic fireplace features such as the nickel plated fire screen are designed with safety in mind. The screen will help to prevent flying sparks and embers from creating dangerous fire hazards. (Caution with children, fire pit metal becomes very hot when in use!)

Arctic lil' Bon is backed by a 3 year limited warranty and is available only in black. Numerous online retailers sell the Lil Bon outdoor fireplace. To extinguish the fire, just remove the screen and close the lid.

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