Arctic Bon Flame - Affordable Propane Gas Outdoor Fire pit

Arctic Bon Flame - For a quality affordable gas fireplace that can travel with you and is portable the Arctic Bon Flame provides such convenience. This outdoor fire pit design will also add great ambiance and heating to your backyard and patio. Arctic Bon Flame outdoor fireplace features include: 2 rear wheels for portability, high temperature ceramic logs and embers, UL approved LP regulator, 10 feet of hose and an adjustable flame regulator. adjustable brass safety valves control up the amount of heat up to 120,000 BTU.

Additional features for the Arctic Bon Flame include: fire screen, porcelain coated finish for weather resistance, an adjustable brass safety valve to control the amount of heat up to 120,000 BTU, stainless steel burner and stainless steel clips.

If you are looking for a propane gas fire pit, the Arctic bon flame is a really good one for the money. Arctic Bon Flame dimensions are 28" diameter and 45" tall. The outdoor firepit weights 80 pounds.

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